1. Do you absently mindedly or otherwise, charge virtually every purchase you can and use little cash?

2. Are you finding it more and more difficult at the end of each month to make the minimum monthly payments on all your cards?

3. Do you find it literally impossible to pay off any one of your cards to zero?

4. Do you owe so much money in credit card debt that you do not know without research, exactly how much money you owe to bank creditors?

5. Are you afraid to add up all your debt and know exactly how much you owe?

6. If you lost your job today, would you be in an immediate economic crisis?

7. Are all your reserves used up such that you have no money to fall back on in the case of an emergency?

8. Are you using one credit cards cash advances to pay down on other cards?


These questions are not meant to scare you.... only shock you into reality. more than likely you answered yes to all the questions and you are at your wits end regarding your cards. something must be done. you need help now.

The only program for credit card debt reduction that we know that actually works is the debtbusters, debt reduction program. if you have decided to live credit cards free and want to get out of debt without bankruptcy or borrowing !